We are finally live, and open!
We are excited to offer all Canadian residents free shipping, nation wide, on all our great European sourced products! The first few orders went out just a week ago, and we are very excited to hear from each happy customer.
We love to hear suggestions, comments questions and concerns, so, please contact us using the Contact Us section.

For any customers who had trouble processing orders in the past, please
Contact Us with your order and order date. We will be happy to provide a one time discount as thanks to those of you who tried to buy from us during our downtime.

For those of you who are seeing our store for the first time, please check out the great selection of products our store has to offer. If you’re a reseller looking for larger bulk orders then we currently offer, please
Contact Us with your desired order and we can negotiate a price.
And don’t forget to check out our Accessories section to get the perfect combination of nozzles and cans!